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  • A Network of Services

    4 Decades of Distinction

    PubCom is recognized for the quality of its multi-level network of services which range from circulation consulting and subscription order processing to providing extensive billing/collection and customer services. Sales operations span the marketplace resulting in an ability to reach a variety of demographics through divergent marketing programs and channels. These features enable PubCom to target the specific needs and interests of our publisher clients and marketing affiliations.

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  • A Network of Services

    Accountability & Quality

    PubCom is committed to producing subscription circulation that is quality controlled, AAM compliant and reflective of responsible magazine subscription sales practices as defined by consumer protection services at local, state and federal levels. Our Order Processing Department monitors subscription data regularly to meet the standards, interests and concerns of our publisher clients.

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  • A Network of Services

    Unparalleled Customer Service

    PubCom sets the standard when it comes to customer service. Satisfied customers foster repeat business, brand loyalty and service appreciation…..a fact that is understood and practiced at PubCom. Operations are national in scope and characterized by a complaint free record with state and federal consumer protection agencies as well as a consistent A+ rating with local better business bureaus.

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  • A Network of Services

    Sales Knowledge & Resources

    PubCom understands what it takes to run a successful sales operation. Our focus is to advance client’s profitability and be responsive to the divergent interests  of our network of sales offices. To this end, we offer an array of services including rapid order processing, billing/collection services, exceptional customer  service, promotional concepts, sales consulting and…..always a live voice available.

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Introducing comlink

Members of PubCom’s team of successful independent sales offices also enjoy access to ComLink, a full service processing center featuring:

  • State of the art data management program
  • Customized sales reporting
  • Invoicing or credit card processing
  • Order preparation with address verification
  • Full customer service responsive to all subscriber inquiries
  • Audit Management for compliance with AAM or publisher audits

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